Friday, September 09, 2005

Projects, projects, projects...

Man, it's late.
Anyway...I'm writing this, because I want to keep y'all up to date, plus it'll serve as a public get-your-ass-in-gear kind of thing.
  1. The Cardboard Show. I mentioned this previously. All of our pieces are due on the 1st of November. We're all responsible for 3 of 'em. Should be fun. Fun, yes...but I must also "bring it". There's a lot of really good motherfuckers in this thing.
  2. Successtories. A cool comic/zine thing published by Steve "Cerdo" Tenebrini. My shit's due Oct. 1st. It'll get done.
  3. The GP Blackbook Project. This ones a real doozy. In the spirt of 1000 Journals, Scott Blake has decided to get a bunch of the suckas together to fill a sketchbook, which will then be auctioned off on eBay. The proceeds will then go to GP's headmaster Clayton Hayes, because he fuckin' rules. Who knows when this thing'll head my way. It'll soon be in the capable hands of Elizabeth Daggar.
So yeah...that's what's up. I'm excited...and anxious. Quite naturally, I don't wanna fuck up any of these things.
Well...I've got a job interview in (looks at alarm clock)...6 hours. Peace.

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