Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random Thoughts: September 24th, 2005

  • The current crop 1st and 2nd year Graphic Design students at Red River are fucked. There are currently 60 2nd years and 70 1st year students. Way too fuckin' many. I like to think that me and the other folks that finished the program recently were the last to get a truly good education. Seriously, I feel for these kids, man.
  • The 3rd years, however, are sittin' pretty, with their own room and brand-spankin' new G5s to work with. Good for them.
  • Shows I'm lookin' forward to: Atmosphere on Oct. 1st (check this review and the comments following. Hilarious. Basically, I'm going to this show because I'm a fan of Blueprint*, one of the openers on this tour), Black Mountain on Oct. 4th, Feist on Oct. 13th, and Heavy Trash on Nov. 5th. That last one is gonna slay.
  • In the Hall of Hot Stylized Cartoon Moms, Maddie Fenton ranks high.
* I liked Blueprint's album 1988 better than Pitchfork did.


TRoyal said...

Are you up on Felt2? Production by Ant, lyrics by Slug and Murs, and accompanying comic book from Jim Mahfood. I heartily recommend it. One of my top ten albums of the year.

mark R said...

Hey did you know Broken Social Scene is here on Nov. 19?

Allan L. said...

I've been hearin' good things about Felt 2, and I've already copped the comic. The comic roolz.
I was talkin' to Jello (co-host of 95.9's The Lounge) about Feist and BSS comin' through. There goes more of my cash, I guess.

Jeope said...

We have tix to see Feist. Should be a good show, although I can see why it's stacked with opening acts: her disc is like, 35 minutes long!

Rough news about all the RRC students. Our class started with 45 and finished with 23. Granted, we were a pretty sorry lot – but 70? That's a sweatshop!