Monday, September 19, 2005

Battle Vixens

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Girl-on-girl fightin' action, upskirtage, large breasts AND a perfectly executed German suplex. This manga has everything, yo.

On a whim, while lookin' for something a little different, I started reading Battle Vixens the comic book (manga) by Yuji Shiozaki. What can I say...I love it!
The story centers around the super-chesty and tough-as-nails Hakufu and her rough-ass life at Nanyo Acadamy. Everyone at Nanyo (including her blue-balled cousin, Koukin) is a toushi: fighters that have each inherited a Magatama ( a jewel that draws out the full fighting potential of its owner). It gets a tad more complicated after that...I'll leave it to you to find out more n' shit.
What y'all really need to know is this: it's a hoot. The action sequences (there are many) are perfectly rendered and plotted out. I'm in awe of Shiozaki's drawing ability. He's created a manga title that appeals to the fan of action and naughty bits (there are copious upskirts and semi-nekkid to nekkid breasts...yummy.). Go get it, sucka.

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Jay Boogie said...

Now THAT is interesting. Battle Vixens, huh? You pick that up @ the local com shops?

Allan L. said...

At McNally-Robinson, believe it or not.

Jay Boogie said...

Been looking at some of your stuff, man. You got skills. How would you feel about designing this year's "Clash of the Titans" promo material? Let me know:


Louie said...

I saw the anime for this last year, titled Ikkitousen. Cool intro too.