Thursday, September 15, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Depth" and other topics that I wanted to post.

These are all really quick. While I was in Roanoke, I had web access, but no freakin' scanner.
First, this week's topic...

(this was like, the second thing that came to mind. The first was falling down a hole)

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...and now, the other stuff.

Wisdom: (don't let anyone tell you that kids don't posess any wisdom)
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Reflection: (this represents the three separate times I could've gotten laid in high school. The heads are reminiscing.)
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Bigger Version


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Bigger Version

Dreams: (I was trying to delicately depict a threesome, the dream of many men. This guy paid for his.)

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This is actually two sketches spliced together. Bigger Version


aynaku said...

I like your "agile" sketching...B/w illustrations are not easy!

Julie Oakley said...

Glad to see you've caught up. I particularly like the concept of the depth picture. All very good

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Loved 'Depth'...too funny.

jk said...

you could have gotten laid in high school!?!? what the #(^#>!?/ by who??? :-)

Allan L. said...

Can't name names, Josh. That wouldn't be very gentlemanly n' shit. :)

Jeope said...

I'm liking the one for "empty". You oughta flush that one out more. And kudos for sketching, period. You're already doing what many people I know say they're gonna do every New Year's (it's the designer's no. 1 resolution, trust me).

Allan L. said...

No doubt. Now that I'm back home, it's pretty hard to kick my ass and get down to it. I'll change that.
I think I will go back to the "empty" one. I had fun with it.

Thanks for the props, everybody!