Friday, August 12, 2005

I Love Gettin' Cool Shit In the Mail!

Peep this:

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Winged Doll With Looking Glass, 2005 • markers and correction fluid on corrugated cardboard

This kick ass piece comes to me courtesy of Derek aka nervousonion, one of my peoples. Dude, you fuckin' rule.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but there's the possibility of a cardboard-based art show happening, and both Derek and I have signed on. I'm crazy stoked for it, especially after getting this.

Oh yeah...I leave for Roanoke tomorrow, so y'all might not hear a whole lot from me for a few weeks. Well, we'll see. Now that I have a kick-ass flickr™ account, I'll be able to share the photos properly once I get my ass back here.

Troy! I ain't ferget ya, dude. I'll put that P & C comp together for you once I get back, plus that Nein poster.


PixelGirl said...

That is an AWESOME piece! That project sounds amazing - you'll definitely have to keep us posted.

Have fun on your trip...wish I was going somewhere. lol Seriously though, have a blast and drink at least one beer for me!

EcamirG said...

that piece is hot.

TRoyal said...

I feel the love, yo. All gooooooood.
Have fun in the Commonwealth!

Jeope said...

GAAH!!! That is awesome!

Magnus said...

Yes that dude is awsome in his style!