Monday, May 10, 2010

Digital Dalliances

Hi. I've been in some dark places mentally, lately. I'll eventually get on track, including the Zero 2 Illo challenge. In the meantime, let me hit you off with some online bullshit.
  • Me at – I did this on a whim, inspired by my man Chris. Essentially, it's a one-stop contact page or social network business card. I just remembered I had this.
  • Mr. Lorde Should Be That title mocks me like nothing else. It's an effective shame tool. Basically, I started this when I fell out of love with my blog for a moment. Now, it's storage place for impulsive posts. So, The Place Where Al Dwells... = depth, Mr. Lorde Should Be Drawing = brain farts. I'm only 15 posts deep, but I'm beginning to enjoy using Tumblr, especially with this new theme I'm using. We'll see how long this lasts. I guess I should stay on board, as Mr. Mayer feels Tumblr is the future, and we all know how wise he is.
    A warning: nudity may show up every once in a while. None of my own. 
A note: History repeats itself. For nearly two years I said I didn't need Twitter, and then I joined. My joining of Tumblr shows that I'm pretty good at shooting my mouth off.

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