Thursday, March 12, 2009


My current Twitter background.

I caved.
Almost two years ago, I killed any notion of joining Twitter. After listening to an episode of Freelance Radio, I decided to take the stick out of my ass and give it a shot. Y'know, for networking.
I like it. A lot. Many folks I admire are there, and they're constantly sharing knowledge and /or frustrations. It's rather uplifting. Not entirely sure why I hated on this in the first place.*

However, one thing I'm not giving another thought, is tumblr. Look, two of my friends are down with it, I enjoy reading Aqua Books posts, and this dude has the sexiest layout of the bunch, but I have no need for an account. I say whatever I want right here, at any length.
And with the existence of (name withdrawn, as acknowledgement gives the site owner reason to breathe) – the digital equivalent of a grade school slam book – I figure, why fucking bother? Life's too short for slander and libel.
So yeah, I don't need it. But I also said that about Twitter.

Some quick Twitter observations:
  • ?uestlove seems to have a fair amount of time between segments on the Fallon show. I appreciate his observations.
  • Q-Tip posts like craaaazy. And his tour seems to be doing well. To date, he's got 22,895 followers.
  • Luda seems to only want to know how you're doing and how you accomplished your goals for the day. He's like...a life coach or something. I dig that.
  • Reading up on Evan Dorkin's frustrations with inking is strangely...gratifying. I mean, his work is great, and at the same time, he's his worst critic. He's far more self-deprecating than I am. Remembering that the extremely talented have to stuggle like the rest of us puts things in perspective.

*I'm not really lookin' at this with rose-colored glasses, really. Just like every other social network thing that pops up, there's bound to be something that I'll hate about it, eventually. That's always a sure sign that it's time to go outside and do real things. Like talking to someone face to face.


Penny Lane said...

I, too, have caved into twitter, although I don't completely understand it..

cerdo said...

I had a tumblr account. Useless. Just one more thing.

Allan L. said...

Penny Lane: Hi, lady! Yeah, I understand the initial confusion, but the learning curve isn't insurmountable. I learned mighty quickly what a re-tweet is and how hashtags are used.
Cerdo: Agreed.