Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best Of The Super Juniors

The video above is a compilation of every Top Of/Best Of The Super Juniors tournament final, from 1988 to 2009. Before watching this, I was familiar with a handful of the matches; regardless, I was gobsmacked throughout the entire 12:58 of this vid. My favorite? The El Samurai/Koji Kanemoto match, which you can find at the 2:57 mark. The shit they were doing was insane.

This comp also contains footage of Chris Benoit (as Wild Pegasus) winning two of the tournaments. This is the first time I've been able to watch anything Benoit-related without wincing. Look closely, and you'll see other gaijin talent, like Fit Finlay, Scorpio, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero. Actually, you won't have to look too hard for Eddie...that's him beating Jushin Liger as Black Tiger in 1996 (at the 2:19 mark).

The 2010 edition is only days away, and among the participants is Winnipegger Kenny Omega. His tag team partner, Kota Ibushi, is also a participant. As opponents, they're no strangers to each other. Guaranteed, there won't be any "going outside" shit in the tournament.

Bonus stuff: watch the 2009 final between Kanemoto and Prince Devitt. It's amazing. Adam and Mike of F4W's Big Audio Nightmare figure Devitt will probably win this thing. I'm inclined to agree, as Devitt has been shut out of the tournament two years in a row due to injury, only to lose in the match above. It may be logical to give him the rub here. Part of me wants Davey Richards to win. That dude is a serious bad-ass.

More bonus stuff: I'm a big fan of the Tumblr blog FUCK YEAH WRESTLING! (I'm not yelling...that's their name.) Random articles, photos, and videos – all wrestling. I'm happy to have contributed some items to the site.

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