Sunday, March 07, 2010

Skid Row: Front and Back

Skid Row's Front and Rear
Y'all need to get your hands on this.

I'll just repeat what I've already said on Flickr:
Here are the front and rear panels of the new Pip Skid album (it's a Digipak!), Skid Row, which you must pick up on March 30th (or on the 13th, if you're in town).

This is the first commercially available recording I've been involved with design-wise, and hopefully not the last.

All of the illustrations, inside and out, were handled by my homie Eddie Ayoub (aka "Edge"), while the "Skid Row" lettering and album design were handled by me.
Eddie, if you remember, also handled the illustrations for The Pip Donahue Show and I Can't Be Stopped, both of which I also designed.

Haven't seen these in person yet, but all reports are quite positive from those who have.
You may not have noticed, but the front is actually an homage to Ice-T's classic Power album.

Just think, Alex Steinweiss invented the album cover, just to have it shrunk, with cartoon animals relieving themselves on the back. :D

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