Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cuckoo Bananas!

Cuckoo Bananas!
From my Flickr photostream:
An April 1st shindig featuring DJs Pump and Hedspin of  The Eh! Team DJs, and my homie DJ Co-op.
Caricature is not my strong point, but it all seemed to work out. Inspiration? Chiquita, of course! When Tim (Co-op) told me the name of the occasion, I was immediately reminded of a blog post about Chiquita's brand refresh, and suggested using their color scheme.
Great way to start off a long weekend, in my opinion.
Also, any of y'all that are attending SXSW this year should be on the lookout for Co-op, and my homies Birdapres and Grand Analog at the OH CANADA party (here's the Facebook event page). Should be a blast, naturally.

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