Monday, January 04, 2010

Make the move?

For once, I have Posterous on the brain instead of posteriors. For the moment.

Tonight, I was reading my Google Reader items, when I came across this blog post by illustrator John Martz (also the creator of the kick-ass site Drawn) where he outlined the migration of his blog to Posterous. This piqued my interest, as I've been looking for a way to fix up/make-over this nearly decade-old blog. From what I've been able to gather, a Posterous user can not only make posts easily via e-mail (yes, I know Blogger already does this; just keep listening), but you can also tie together a bunch of your social media stuff, post audio and video, and much more, apparently. Also, they now have customizable themes, which makes me very happy.

After several years of holding out, I've gone over to the "new" Blogger, which has jacked up a few things around here format-wise, but I was expecting that. I have to admit that I'm not liking how the banner is looking. It's akin to a broken window. Apparently, Posterous is very customizable, especially if you know HTML/CSS. I guess I oughta cop me a Dummy book to go with my W3 bookmark.

In addition to the aesthetic breath of life I could get with Posterous, I could get down with mobile blogging with ease. This has been swimming around my head since I got the nerdphone for Christmas. Man, this totally coulda came in handy during the Japan trip.

I'm seriously considering this. I think I'll sign up and give it a test run. That is, after some sleep. It's like, 5:47 AM.

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