Friday, January 08, 2010

MPLS2010 - Post 1

  • Howdy! Typin' atcha live from the Microtel in Bloomington, which is 10 minutes by car from the Mall of America.
  • Left a Super 8 in Fargo for Albertville, MN this morning. Did a lot more shopping than either of us bargained for. Started that off with lunch at Culver's, a place I'd marry if such a union were legal...and if I wasn't already taken, of course.
  • From Albertville to MOA. More shopping. I have new shoes. They were needed. Baked spaghetti at Tucci Benucch, followed by cheesecake. Stuffed as fuck.
  • In the morning, breakfast at Maria's with Mr. Unitus. Peace!

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Aggie Semeniuk said...

Tucci Benucch is one of my favorite places to eat in MOA. And the sushi place. If you get a chance you guys should check out Chino Latino!!