Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MPLS2010 - Final Post / Birthday #35

Me at Texas Roadhouse, Grand Forks, ND
Sarah at the Bad Waitress
(top to bottom) Me at Texas Roadhouse in Grand Forks, Sarah at the Bad Waitress in Minneapolis.
  • I'm home. Sarah rules for driving the whole time and setting up the entire weekend. Love you!
  • Yesterday, I had the best damn omelette I've ever tasted. My taste buds were blessed and caressed. A visit to Al's Breakfast is now an absolute must for every trip I make to this lovely city. It's super-narrow and small, so it's packed all the time. Be prepared to wait for a seat – your patience will be rewarded by kick -ass food at great prices – and end up sitting beside someone you don't know. Sarah and I were on culinary Cloud 9 after dining. I don't know how she stayed awake to drive to Grand Forks, but I'm certainly glad she did.
  • Texas Roadhouse of Grand Forks, I love you. Pleasant service, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and a handful of thick waitresses. That's all I need, really.
  • Hey...I've started to put up photos. So there.
So...I turned 35 yesterday. I've been anticipating (read: dreading) this for several weeks. What can I say? Me and the passage of time don't get along that well. I'm prone to thinking about the past and moves I should've made, but didn't*. The thing is, I'm actually in a better spot than I ever have been in my life, so really...I should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride before God punches my ticket. With that said, I should head to bed, because complaining ain't sexy.

*Breaking resolution #1. I'm fighting against my nature.


Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Happy Birthday! Turning 35 was like an awakening for me. I started looking around and noticing things I hadn't noticed before...about myself.

36 was harder than 35, if you can believe that.

It's all good though - we're still breathing. And most days that's a good thing. :D

Glad you had a good time (and good food) on your trip!

Jeope said...

I presume you took that photo of Sarah, and it is awesome. Really really mean it.

Allan L. said...

Jodey: Thanks! Yeah, we had a blast. I'm taking this aging thing in stride. I'm incredibly restless regarding where I'm at in life, but I keep reminding myself that things are pretty damn good.

Jeope: Yes, I did, and thanks, homie. It means a lot. I was thinking of that amazing Karsh exhibit at the WAG when I shot this.

Sling said...

Congrats on the turning 35 thing!..Don't worry,things tend to get better with age.

Allan L. said...