Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Worst Kept Secret

"Honestly, you without an iPhone I found funny. Now I can safely say that almost everything is right with the world."
Nestor Wynrush, from an e-mail conversation

So yeah, I have one, as does my wife. We got 'em for each other for Christmas, hence the title of this entry. I guess this ends my long-standing anti-cellphone stance. Come to think of it, was more of an anti-asshole cellphone user stance all along. For the longest time, I shunned them, thinking they were fostering a legion of jerks, when all the cellphone was doing was amplifying the ugly traits of a handful of crude beings.

Allow me to deflate my cranium and get off of this here high horse: if you see me having an inappropriate and loud conversation on the bus, or if I interrupt our dialogue for an incoming text (highly unlikely, but I do have the technology to make this happen) – bring it to my attention. I will be suitably ashamed, as there will be no excuse for my behaviour.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have apps to download.

P.S.: Don't talk to me about cellphone plans, or the one I've got. That shit makes my head hurt. Let's talk about the weather instead.


Dave Conrey said...

It will change your life, and not necessarily for the better, but you'll never go back.

Allan L. said...

Yeah, a number of folks have told me that. :)

Jeope said...

I got a Touch from K. for Christmas. I still insist on being the last man on Earth with a cell phone.

Allan L. said...

I support you in that quest, sir. But can buy apps!