Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Minneapolis Jaunt 2010

Electric Fetus 1
Gift Shop

Top to bottom: Electric Fetus, Walker Art Center Gift Shop, self-explanatory, Grumpy's. All shots taken in 2006.

Sarah and I are heading down to Winnipeg's big cousin for a short spell in January. So far, the hotel has been booked, and a list of dope places to eat has been cobbled together (shout-out to Steve St. Louis and DJ Hunnicutt). On the way back, I'll be quietly pondering the start of my 35th year on this planet...hopefully at the Texas Roadhouse location in Grand Forks over a shitload of ribs.
This is gonna be fun.


Luke in Progress said...

I know I'm a little late, but if you happen to head back to Minneapolis any time soon you probably need to check out this place for a cup of coffee some time.

Allan L. said...

Dude, that place looks dope! Thanks for the suggestion!