Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Portfolio Screenshot

Looking back on my short list of resolutions, I'd say I handled 1 and 2 with varying degrees of success. With mere weeks to go, it's time to shovel some dirt on the grave of number 3 with the launch of my portfolio site.

I was building one with Squarespace a little while ago, but I couldn't get it off the ground for some reason. Believe me, I wish I could articulate why I wasn't feeling it. All I know is that Indexhibit – the platform I ended up utilizing – has been just user-friendly enough for me to dive in head first. It didn't hurt that my man Mark has been down with Indexhibit for a while, or that fellow member Scott Campbell has put together a fine site with it.

No, I can't say it's done, but it's a start. A long overdue start. I still have to fix all of the links to open in other windows, and I need to figure out that "previous/next" navigation thing to display the posters I want to put up. And I'm sure I've broken something in the process of making this thing. I'm far from an HTML or CSS guru, so it's good that Indexhibit has a forum where people have asked most of the questions that are on my mind. W3 Schools has been mighty helpful, too.

While the site is simple (like its owner), I wouldn't mind sprucing the joint up a little. I've been thinking about putting to use the collapsing menu bit that Scott and a few other Indexhibit customers have been messing with, and a few other things. Maybe you have some suggestions. You do, don't you? If you do, don't hesitate to drop me a line (my address is on my "Bio/Contact" page).

Did I mention that I like orange? Such a fetching color.


Eric Dyck said...

Never heard of it, but you just made my day. Why can't all internettin' be this simple?

Allan L. said...

I know, eh? But then any ol' yahoo could have a site.
Oh yeah...that's already happened. :)
Indexhibit lookin' good to you, dude? I recommend it highly.