Saturday, May 02, 2009

Random Thoughts: May 2, 2009

Citadines Tokyo Shinjuku (photo courtesy of the good folks at Citadines).
Can't wait to see this place for really real-like.

  • Japan-bound: Just sittin' here, listening to the last episode of Keep Risin' on 101.5, counting the minutes. Our first five days in Tokyo are going to be overwhelming, I have no doubt about that. I just found out that there's going to be an Audrey Kawasaki exhibit going on while we're there. Perfect! She's so damn good, and the chance to see her work up close must be jumped at.
    I finally put my Rebel together, and I'm enjoying using it. Of course, I'll be using that to document the trip along with my trusty Canon PowerShot A520 (pictured here).
    I also picked up a Moleskine Watercolour Notebook, inspired by Luis Mendo's Tokyo y Yo. We'll see how dedicated I'll be to this. I'm considering drawing everything I eat (props to Riki Takaoka).

  • A Pleasant Surprise: Apparently, my tea-drinking gorilla is part of an orphanage mural somewhere in Zambia! Hey, how can I be mad at that? Here's a closer look.

  • The Toronto Comic Arts Festival: If I wasn't going to Japan, TCAF would be my destination. Seriously...if you live in or around Toronto and you love comics, you'd be crazy to miss this. And it's FREE. I don't want to hear any excuses! GO.

  • Gone: Gotta go. Errands and projects to handle. And my laundry's done! Peace.


David said...

Tokyo is the best place ever, your going to have an insanely good time! I really can't wait to go back to Japan someday!

Jeope said...

How in the heck did you find out about your gorilla in Zambia?

Allan L. said...

David: I have this feeling that I'll want to come back as soon as I hit the soil!
Jeope: A guy named Ronny from the organization that runs the orphanage made a comment on my Illustration Friday post. I was like, "Cool!"

Penny Lane said...

can't wait to see pictures. Rebel is a good camera.. I was going to get the rebel if the new DSLR pentax's couldn't use the old 70s lenses I have, which they do! Enjoy!