Sunday, May 10, 2009

Journalizing Japan: Arrival!

  • We're totally here. It feels kinda weird. I like it.
  • Hunting for the right train totally beat the shit out of us mentally and physically, especially after the cramped limo bus ride.
  • A very kind, English-speaking elderly lady helped us find the right station, and told us how to purchase tickets. She ruled, needless to say.
  • Our room is all cute and cozy. We're watching some weird-ass variety show.
  • Just got back from the Sev down the street and a Lawson's location. The buying of exotic beverages has begun.
  • Bought a plate of sausage and wedges from the previously-mentioned Sev (or 7-I & Holdings). So far, not a mistake. My stomach is pleased. We'll see how the cheesy bread thing with the meaty bits and the sausage n' pasta fares in the morning.
  • Kirin commercials are fun to watch.
  • Bedtime.


Steve said...

Yeah buddy!! You guys made it!!

Allan L. said...

Yes, indeed! Preparing to shop our asses off.