Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Journalizing Japan: Okinomiyaki

  • I've decided: okinomiyaki is now my favorite egg-based dish. Y'all can keep yer omelets and souffles, sucka. Okinomiyaki is the shit, Holmes. My friends Hiroe and Steve introduced Sarah and myself to this delicacy, and we've some kick-ass servings here (props to Rokutsubo-ya, the place where we had it Hiroshima-style, with noodles. They have a fine selection of manga and men's mags to read while you're waiting for your order) and in Himeji. Where can I get this awesomeness in Winnipeg? Shit, it may be up to us.
  • There's a lot of dudes out here with big hair around here. Like, Hanoi Rocks-big. I just kinda pulled their name outta the air, but it fits.
  • In Tokyo, we don't get stared at, but in Osaka, we get a few.
  • Today, outside of the A-Bomb Dome, we had a small class of grade five and six students ask us questions about ourselves in English and take pictures with them. That was kinda sweet.
  • The A-Bomb Dome is rather sobering, but the surrounding area and Hiroshima itself is quite lovely. It's a testament to being able to pick up and start all over again. Hiroshima is one fine, bustling city.
  • As much as I love home, I'm gonna miss seeing characters everywhere.
  • Everyone reads comics here. Everyone. It's refreshing to not have comics written off as mere kids' stuff. That's fucking heaven to me, thank you very much.
  • Our running around has often left me too tired to draw, but my mind is churning creatively, and it feels great. Plus, I've been able to hunt down these Pilot Drawing Pens that I've loved for years, but haven't been able to cop in Peg City for way too long. I also bought a couple of these Pilot hard brush pens that the awesome Scott C. uses. Regrettably, they aren't refillable.
  • Every second person we come across in Osaka is wearing a mask. Neither of us have felt compelled to do so.
  • Looking forward to sleeping in a Western-style bed for a night. Our backs aren't really suited to traditional Japanese bedding, but we've survived, despite some fitful nights. Still, I wouldn't change a minute of our experience. Our constant sight-seeing movement and the resulting fatigue usually negates any discomfort we might feel. Sometimes.
  • Tomorrow, more Hiroshima exploration!

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