Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Journalizing Japan: Sayonara.

  • Our last day in Japan. Did I mention that I don't want to leave? I don't. Really. If I didn't love Winnipeg so much and had no real ties to it, I wouldn't come back. I'm sure Sarah would have something to say about that, too. Life is gonna seem a lot slower.
  • We're in suite 902 of the Citadines in Shinjuku. This is one fine hotel, and I hope to return.
  • I oughta have my head checked for coming back with so little manga. I have, however, found some kick-ass illustration books and magazines. And yeah, I've barely drawn anything while in this country, but I have many photos that will provide years of inspiration for drawing.
  • I was planning on going to the Animate location in Ikebukuro to pick up one hentai title, but opted to hang out in Shinjuku and Shibuya. For some reason, I'd feel like a bit of a perv for having a filthy Japanese comic in my luggage. Can't put my finger on why.
  • The next time I go to Tower Records Shibuya (if there is a next time), I'm just gonna give 'em all of my money. The bastards. I need the entire seventh floor (books and imported magazines) in my living room.
  • At Tower, I picked up the new soso & Kutdown album, which is available through Japan's Hue Records. Gotta support my homies.
  • I listened to healthy portion of the new Eminem album at Tsutaya in Shinjuku, just to form an opinion of it. I now have one: it's mediocre.
  • Vinyl heads: if you didn't know already, the Osaka location of Tokyu Hands has a ton of second-hand vinyl. Some jazz, a lot of 70s rock, some classical. I suspect that the Tokyo location has the same, if not more, but I missed that section.
  • Bed is where I should be.

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