Saturday, March 05, 2005

So I saw Sideways last night...

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...and I loved it. Thomas Haden Church and Paul Giamatti were perfect. In fact, I couldn't find anything wrong with this film at all.
Y'know, I was gonna go on and on about how Sandra Oh continues to make me feel proud to be a Canuck, how disgustingly gorgeous Virginia Madsen is, and how the cinematographer handled Miles' (Giamatti) drunk moments, but there were two moments that really stuck out in my mind, and both of them have to do with actress Missy Doty.

There's something about this lady. Okay, I know what it is: she's radiant. Big, beautiful, and radiant. When she first appeared on screen as Cammi the waitress, I was charmed by her warm smile. Sure, she looked a little greasy, but she was a hard-workin' waitress (great makeup job). Jack (Church), the notorious horndog of the film, gets a spiritual high-five from me for hookin' up with her.

Seeing her later, having nasty make-up with her tow truck-driving husband (M.C. Gainey) thrilled me to no end, not only because it was kinda sexy, but because right there in front of me was a full-figured woman (NEKKID!) getting it on with her man and it wasn't played off for laughs. Sure, the situation itself was funny (you gotta see the film to understand), but it was also refreshing.

Checking out her IMDb profile, I realized I had seen her in an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I thought she was pretty captivating then, too. I'm tellin' you right now...I'm keeping a close eye on her.

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EDIT: My girlfriend dislikes that scene. Where I saw a deceivingly kinky, pudgy minx that defiantly gets her freak on with men other than her husband, and revels in her hubby's jealous dirty talk (a bit of a turn on for me, admittedly), she saw a fat girl in a negative light. She didn't come off as beautiful to her. I understand where she's coming from (I still dig the scene, though). My hope is that with this role, Missy will get truly sexy roles to play. She deserves it.


Jeope said...

What bugs me is that people can't wait to heap praise on this movie, but nobody mentions Sandra Oh. She kicked ass (literally)! The scene with her helmet is one of my favourites all year.

Allan L. said...

I got a huge kick out of that scene too. Busted a gut! She rules.