Friday, March 11, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Ancient"

ImageShack's been kinda slow today, so be patient pleeze:

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Ancient Diptych: Whut?/Get the F**k Off My Lawn!, 2005 •? Pentel Brush Pen on Paper

This was fun to do! I just kinda, y'know...went for it. No pencil at all. Yes, it's a self-caricature.
I wanna take the time to pimp a couple of sites:
  • Newstoday: I dig this site muchly. Have some cool conversation, or find a really dope link.
  • I dub thee the 2nd best site in the world, next to
I'm gonna go eat some bananas. Peace.


Jeope said...

I like the neck on the top one. Supagrizzled. You could combine the two, maybe with a third image to make a sweet animated GIF.

Jeope said...

Oh yeah...check out

Allan L. said...

Oh shit...Mac's joined the blog pack! I'll head right over.

Rebeccashane said...

that would be a funny gif lol.. nice !

Allan L. said...

Thanks Rebecca!