Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The web addict that I am has been neglecting my poor, aged drawing desk. I had mad ideas when I came home...I still do. But the light sucks me in all the time. The fuckin' thing is like two feet away from me! Grrrr.

I'll be cleaning the urgent care area of the health care facility I work at. Not looking forward to it. I should be in bed.

Looks like I'm seeing Tegan & Sara for free tomorrow at the Pyramid. I'll stay as long as I'm entertained. I kinda dig 'em, but I have none of their stuff. I got a free pass from a cancer fundraiser I was at on Sunday. Judging from what I last saw on an installment of Much News, I should be in for some cute stage banter. These girls are kinda cute, actually. Twins, dontchaknow? And they've got the best haircuts of their young careers. A friend of mine refered to them as "those lesbian sisters" on his old radio show a couple of years ago. *ahem*

A thought...why are people so eager to see other folks get married? Maybe it'll be a while before they get things together financially...it'll happen eventually, forfuckssake!
Uh...I'm not talking about me.

Okay, you got me.

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