Sunday, November 10, 2002

Spent time with my ladyfriend for the first time in a week...I love her SO much. But she had to go her way, and I had to go mine.
So it's back to the porn. Not for jack-off material...this time. I have a vivid imagination, so she'll be with me in spirit if I so choose to, uh, "set a place for one".
No, I was just adding to my now voluminous collection of jpegs. I've long planned to use these for reference material, but I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere that I don't draw enough and that I'm a lazy fuck. I did, didn't I? Let's see...


Oh yeah! Check the bottom left of your screen. The "lazy fuck" is embellishment, however true.
Geez...I'm disgusting myself. And I'm hungry, yo. Later.

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