Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Thoughts: November 22nd, 2009 – Lucky Number Seven!

Lucky Number Seven!
Feelin' that seven year itch.
  • November 8th, 2002. That's when I started this blog, with only a rather vague notion of what blogging was and what it was capable of.
    I'd say that this blog has pretty much stayed true to its roots: it's about me, and the stuff I like! I still mention my personal struggles, but I'm complaining a lot less. I did enough of that in my 20s. One thing I know for sure, is that I really enjoy writing, and I hope you kinda dig what I'm putting down. I thank you very much for reading The Place Where Al Dwells... Here's to another seven years (God willing)!
    I need to give this place a face-lift before that anniversary comes around.

  • Still Bill. See this film. I implore you. Never will you see a man more sure of what he wants in life and how he sees things. He's the epitome of soul and wisdom. Props to Scott Campbell for hooking up the Winnipeg premier poster.

  • Eating healthier. I'm making little changes: smaller portions, healthier snacking – not to mention less snacking, more water, and switching to Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero. I haven't had a sip of Amp in three or so weeks, which is quite a change from ten cans a week. Now I just have to do something about that exercise thing.

  • Jonas Bergstrand. Totally blown away by his work. Kudos to Grain Edit for putting me on to this man.

  • That's pretty much it! Bedtime. Truthfully, I should put an end to this turning-in-at-5:30/6 AM thing, but it probably won't happen. I'm stubborn.


Jeope said...

Those were lean years at the beginning, but there's never been any doubt of your skills with the written word.

I have my own 5-year anniversary this Christmas. The time, it flies.

Allan L. said...

Thanks, man. That means a lot coming from you. Yes, time does indeed fly. I mean, you've got your anniversary coming up, there's mine, and Ward just hit 5 years. I remember reading his dissection of The Polar Express like it was a recent event.

Jeope said...

Seeing the impact Ward's had in the same amount of time makes me feel... a little small.

Anonymous said...

Al, you appear to be on a creative high right about now. The Pinky's review, the fine lettering of "7,etc. Maybe there's something to this healthy lifestyle to which you allude. I'll try it sometime. Those devil bitches named caffeine and white sugar keep calling me towards the rocky shores, though.


Allan L. said...

Heh...thanks John! I really appreciate that! Yeah, I think the healthier eating might be a factor.