Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Off the Wagon

Shaw Remote
Here comes trouble.

My wife and I were offered two months of free cable by the good folks at Shaw – no strings. We said, "sure." As I had mentioned in a previous post, I kicked TV out of my life three years ago, or at least TV in my own home.

Now it's back. And I'm somewhat uneasy. I shouldn't be. I mean, I'm able to exhibit a certain amount of self-control...for the past three or so weeks, I've quit energy drinks and excessive snacking. So far, so good. Procrastination, however, has quite a hold on me and I'd hate for TV to be an additional agent of distraction.

Even though I'm chained to the internet, I've gotten way more done over the past little bit without TV around, and I aim to keep it that way. Personally, I'm sticking to three things TV-wise:
  1. Wrestling. Well, duh. Thanks to Figure Four Weekly, I realized I missed all of the good shit WWE was doing via RAW in 2005, and I often cursed myself for cutting my TV service. Time to play catch-up and see how horrible some of these newer folks on the roster are. Hell, I'm even going to watch the continuity-challenged TNA! I'm that committed to "the sport".
  2. Food Network. Utopian TV. Unless Ramsay is yelling at some hapless fucker, or Jamie is reaching out to troubled youth via cuisine, there's nothing wrong in the Food Network universe. Famine, war, racism – non-existent. Who needs drugs with type of action? Plus, any excuse to watch Nigella cook is a good one.
  3. Discovery Channel. Mythbusters (Oh, Kari...), Daily Planet, and Cash Cab. 'Nuff said.
Time to dust off the VCR (shut up).


allan_b said...

I can relate to the vice-like grip of cable tv. The unfortunate part it doesn't even have to be good television; infomercials can be both facinating and simultaneously unsatisfying.

Tom Pappalardo said...

As I wind down a very similar 2-month stint of expanded cable (we went from 14 stations to 60-ish for a spell), let me highly recommend the allure of Parking Wars, Dirty Jobs, and watching Daily Show/Colbert the same day as everyone else, instead of the next day online. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I'M PART OF WHAT'S GOIN' ON.