Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well, look at that!

A whole month without blog posts! And...no Japan pictures posted! Wow. WTF, I know.
I guess I didn't have anything to say. And my dwindling hard drive space provided a mental block once it came to editing the over 2000 photos I took on my vacation/honeymoon/trip of a lifetime.
I still haven't resolved that memory issue.
At any rate, I'll do my best to keep y'all better informed, that is if you find my tawdry lil' life interesting.
Hey...here's something I did last month:


Please, come to the show. It'll be fun.


wade little said...

ur a flower tucci fan, too? man, the girl is absolutely unbelievable. how about caroline pierce?

Allan L. said...

I think she's dope, but my man Pip digs her more than I do. I was inspired by a line he dropped in Ghettosocks' "Ballz In Yo Stomach" to put that on there.
I'm SO glad you reminded me about Ms. Pierce. Wow.