Friday, August 07, 2009

Give Your Money!

A book you need in your home as soon as possible.

Sometime back in 2001, I was visiting the Tijuana Bibles site (sadly, the band and the site are no longer around. Their MySpace page, inexplicably, survives) and found a link to this lil' ol' site from Calgary called Back then, it looked something like this. I became transfixed by the amazing work and the lively conversation, so I became a member a few days after 9/11 and never really looked back. (and its helpful denizens) reinforced and augmented my college booklearnin', and it also helped me suss out my life mission and motto: I just want to make cool shit. For all of that, I am eternally grateful to the site, and the man behind it, Clay Hayes. Now, the site and the man could use a little help from you and me (don't fucking love posters).

So yeah, go buy some merch, which will not only help the site, but it'll also enrich your flaccid life. What, you think I'm joking? Dig live in a cold climate, right? You need a knitted cap (or "toque" as us Canucks say)! And if you don't live where it gets "nipple-y", I guess you'll just have to settle with looking bad-ass in one. Don't need a cap? GP's got three different decks of playing cards for your gamblin' ass. These are easily the sexiest cards since the ones you stole from your dad, and these ones you can actually play with in mixed company, you pervert. Need proof? Here's a big ass picture of the deck I'm involved with.

All kidding aside, this site is dope, and it's a great resource for postermakerlovers both young and old. Do my man a solid and pick something up, or drop a lil' loot into the bucket via the "Donate" button at the homepage if this site has brought you any measure of joy over the years.

A-ight? Good.


Luke in Progress said...

You could do a "VH1 Behind The Music" just on GigPosters alone!
If only you could find a way to monetize(possibly via sponsorship?) a GigPosters podcast. I can't think of a better candidate for host :p
Also that book is amazing.
Far to much talent on those pages.

Allan L. said...

Heh, thanks man. I think Clay thought of doing a GP-related podcast, but it didn't fly in the end.
GP is a talent treasure trove.