Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random Thoughts: February 5th, 2009

Bacon Mints
One of my Christmas gifts. Strangely tasty.

This list is a short stack, kinda like a small amount of pancakes or a short, chesty girl. I recently realized that I've been doing something akin to the "25 Things" meme for close to three years or longer. For some reason, though, that list must've taken over a week to write. Crazy.
  • Speaking of crazy... You can't get me to stop talking about Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5. I must have this book in my grubby claws.

  • So the leopard's spots didn't change? Imagine that. I really wish folks would stop trying to convince John K. that rap has any merit (look here, here and here). No charts, diagrams or eloquent pontificating will bring him around, and why should they? There are millions of folks with that similar mindset, and they're just happy that way. God bless 'em, I say. If I ever get the chance to meet him or fellow animator/curmudgeon Mike " I don't like hip-hop or anyone who does" Fontanelli, music will not be the topic of conversation.

  • Wildsville. I love Derek Yaniger's illustrations, so I was blown away when I found out about his Wildsville book. It's outstanding, and you need to own it. The folks at Grain Edit gave it a nice once-over (you can see my capsule review among the post comments).

  • Atomos! Inkstuds has a nice interview with ex-Winnipegger Mark Atomos Pilon right over here.
Yeah, that's all I've got. Time for bed.

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extraordinary machine said...

Last night for dinner I made filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a gorgonzola shallot-cream sauce. Anytime I make anything with bacon, I think of you!

Also, after I grilled the steaks, I roasted them off in a hot cast iron skillet seasoned with duck fat!