Friday, February 27, 2009

Unsung Heroine

I've watched the trailer for Digital Playground's Nurses a couple of times. It's their latest "let's have all of our contract stars shtupping on camera" extravaganza. While I think a handful of the ladies are amazing (those ladies being the alabaster vixen Stoya, the dirtier-than-she-looks Jenna Haze, and media darling Sasha Grey), I'm really interested in the thick, middle-aged nurse involved in Stoya's scene with James Deen. Yeah, that's her up top. I like her!

Of course, being that this is a Digital Playground production, she's obviously comedic relief. I'm not condemning Digital Playground, because they gotta do what they've gotta do, and an unconventionally beautiful actor like the lady above doesn't fit into their business plan.
Hey, whatarey'gonnado?

It'd be cool to know her name, though. I'm betting she's done a ton of "legit" stuff, and this was just another gig.

Time for bed. Peace.

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