Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Thoughts: November 19th, 2006

Behind the Ramada

  • I already wrote this at, so I'll just cut n' paste it:
    So, I quit my job last week. No more Icelandic community newspaper for me as of the end of this week.*
    On the 27th, I'll be working for a company that produces publications for different businesses, and I'll be one of several ad designers.
    I'll be workin' in a cubicle, but the folks seem pretty cool.
    I figure what I'm gonna have to do is put the heat on my personal creative endeavours during my off-time hours, so someday I'll be able to that kind of shit full-time. For now, this is a good gettin' married/get outta debt sort of thing. Word 'em up.

    Uh...that is all.

    *For the record, I ain't leavin' because the job sucked. On the contrary, I've never felt more appreciated. I redesigned the paper, got to throw the occasional bit of illustration in there, and get my feet wet in the world of layout, which I never reallythought I'd mess with. I'm leaving because I've gone as far as I can with 'em...and I'm poor. Being that it was only a part time job, I was livin' hand-to-mouth for most of the year.
  • Don't you just hate it when motherfuckers cut pages and/or pictures out of library books? It's infuriating! Twice, I've come upon volumes of Golgo 13 that have the sex scenes cut out. I'd like to slap whoever did that. I mean...the shit isn't even yours! So lame.
  • Got tickets printed for our social. Time to work on the poster that I'm gonna e-mail to everybody (due to liquor laws, I can't promote this thing by traditional means. It'll be all about e-mail, MySpace, word of mouth, and running into people.)
  • Two folks that have been totally kicking my ass mentally on the illustration tip: Rick Geary and Jen Wang. I've liked Rick's work for a long time, and I've been getting more n' more into because of his A Treasury of Victorian Murder series on NBM. His line is fuckin' exquisite. Jen, on the other hand, I found out about recently via Drawn!, and I'm SO glad I did. Her sense of anatomy has no equal, and the humor in her work is biting. And don't get me started on the sensuality of the women she draws! Whew!
  • Well...time to get my hustle on. Got an illo for The Manitoban to do, and it's a little weightier than what I've usually done.


Jeope said...

Jen Wang did that "Airplane Safety Dance" series of illos, right? I loved those!

Didn't hear you left yer job. Whereabouts is the new one at?

Allan L. said...

Yeah, sorry...I kept it on the down low until I was able to tell my boss. I'll be at Naylor Publications on the 27th.