Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guy Fawkes

For The Manitoban:

Guy Fawkes

For some reason, this is currently credited to graphics editor Ted Barker (a swell guy) online. I haven't picked up the print version so we'll see if that's happened there.


Eric Dyck said...

Hey Al,

Thanks for the comments!
I can always count on you for feedback...

I see links to your portfolios (I haven't really noticed your links before...too busy enjoying your editorialized blog entries...). I think Tim mentioned something about you going to school?

And why hasn't anyone asked ME to draw Guy Fawkes?? ha ha...nice job.

Allan L. said...

Hey there, Eric! I graduated from Red River College last June. I slugged it out for five years in the Graphic Design course. I had some good times there.