Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random Thoughts: September 10th, 2006

My first tour poster!
American Flamewhip/Hot Live Guys tour poster

Weddin' plans in full effect:
Krista fields Sarah's questions.
The Harvest Room

To follow along, keep your eyes on this flickr™ set.

Other stuff:
  • I reached a year at the newspaper! It's cool, but it feels kinda weird at the same time. Cool: I work with great people, and I got to give a facelift to the oldest community paper in North America. Weird: I'm feeling the need to bounce, as I'm only there part time. I'm like, poor. Yup.
  • My internet friend AnnMarie has found herself a UK guy, and I couldn't be happier for her! I always said she was too fine to be alone.
  • Yesterday, I took in the second last day of the WAG's Funny Papers: Marvel Comics, Canadian Political Cartoons, and Conteporary Art and had a blast. I've been a fan of the late Duncan MacPherson's work since I was a kid, so seeing his shit up-close reinforced his position as "the dean" of Canuck political cartoonists in my mind. Malcom Mayes does some incredibly hot shit, too.
  • If you're in my town in the next little bit, I recommend checkin' out the WAG's Manitoba Modernist Architecture 1945-1975 exhibit, which I also viewed yesterday. That, coupled with the Rodin exhibit coming through on the 30th of this month should be a good time.
  • I neglected to mention a while ago that you can search my photos on flickr™ by their tags. Here's all of 'em.
  • I'm goin' outside. Peace.

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