Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm losing reasons to watch Much.

Hannah Sung has left Much. I can't blame her, really. Apparently, she's shooting a documentary. Good for her.
All that's left for me is The Wedge, The New Music, and Going Coastal, all of which I don't watch as regularly anymore. *sigh*...whaterygonnado?


mcenroe said...

you watched much?

Jay Boogie said...

yo. much sucks, straight up. watch muchvibe instead.

Allan L. said...

Yeah, me crazy, but I'm a glutton for punishment in that regard. The Wedge is still the best hour of programming they have, and I've got a crush on Much On Trial's Debra DiGiovanni.
Jello! I probably would fuck with MV if basic/3rd tier cable wasn't killing my ass financially. I actually cancelled the TV side of my cable 2 months ago, and they finally physically cut it this past week. It's all about the web and the radio right now.
TV might come back into my life when I get a full-time job.

G147 said...

MuchMusic made Hannah look stupid. Good for her, only thing is The New Music is going to suck even more-there's nothing new when the news is six weeks old!

Allan L. said...

The New Music will suck if they get Devon to host, which I figure they will.