Saturday, September 23, 2006

Random Thoughts: September 23rd, 2006

  • Tonight, I'm going to see The Quiffs last performance. This should be a lot of fun. Those ladies are a riot.
  • So...Final Fantasy won the Polaris Prize. Personally, I was rooting for Cadence Weapon or the Deadly Snakes (R.I.P.). I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read the bitchy comments from Exclaim! readers, especially after their "Torontopia" story.
  • The Vertical Struts have broken up. I'm a little bummed about it, 'cuz they were so cool, and I would've loved to see them perform again. Judging from the mass e-mail Trevor sent out, it was something that started for fun and went much longer than expected. I know they'll do fine with their other endeavours: Trevor is a filmmaker, and Raymond is an outstanding illustrator, whom I met through Check his work out at
  • Last night, I saw the infamous Death By Popcorn in the comfort of my own home. This thing is a riot. I was never a devout Jets fan, but I was pretty bummed when they had to leave 11 years ago. I was at Portage and Main with the rest of the hapless souls to support their fruitless effort to keep 'em here all those years ago. This film really took me back. There are clips of Rod Black, Hunky Bill, and the late, great Nick Hill thrown into this production that both skewers and praises this prairie town.
  • I was pleased to find out that Quebec band Les Dales Hawerchuk was featured in this film. I've been hearing their rock n' roll goodness via CBC Radio 3. They've gotta play a Winnipeg gig at some's only natural.
  • My internet porn consumption (which makes up 90% of my general porn viewing) has dropped off drastically as I am not only bored with most of it, but also more than a little put off by the whole thing. I've found that my imagination is not only more vivid, but also cheaper (not that I subscribe to any sites at the moment, mind you). I was gonna go into detail about why this change has come about, but it's not all that interesting really. All I know is, I'm done with, and the photos I've collected over the years are actually gonna get used for drawing reference (which I've been threatening for ages).
  • Yo...DNTO's gonna be on in a few minutes, and I need lunch. I'll catch y'all later.


TRoyal said...

I feel you on the porn thing. I've started to use things for drawing purposes, which is a decent return on what is now boring porn.

Allan L. said...

No doubt, man.