Saturday, July 08, 2006

Random Thoughts: July 8th, 2006

Mike Relm!

Mike Relm points with authority!
  • It's been kinda hard not having Sarah around for the summer, but the fact that I've been able to visit her (and vice versa) has softened the blow. We'll have 4 days together for the Fringe (in which we'll pack in 10 shows) this month, and we're heading for Minneapolis in August.
  • As I type this, my request on CBC Radio 3 is playing. I won a Sirius unit and a year's subscription several months ago, and have yet to activate it, as I'm without a home kit. I must remedy this.
  • I finally finished a logo project, which was my personal albatross for months. It's not my best work, but the client is happy, and that's all I care about.
  • As usual, I don't draw enough, but I've been drawing a shitload more than I usually do.
  • I had dinner with my man Andre a few hours ago. Dude's a class act. We're workin' on Pip Skid's website, and it'll hopefully kick much ass. Pip is a fuckin' superstar, or at least he should be.
  • In speaking with Andre, I gotta wonder if I should just get my shit together and move the fuck out of Winnipeg. It's not like he was encouraging me, it's just that he's been thinking of bouncing to Van City (Vancouver for you Yanks out there. :) ), and my man J. Lapeyre has relocated to Hogtown (Toronto) with his lady and child. As much as I love Winnipeg, I probably could use a change of scenery. I'd have to run that by the ladyfriend, of course. That Minneapolis trip could help to clear my mind. We'll see.

Good Readin' and Visuals

Good readin'.
  • Gettin' back to Mr. Lapeyre, Jason wrote an extensive article on P.E. and the legendary Bomb Squad in waxpoetics (pictured above), THE mag for beat fiends and vinyl fetishists (uh...not that kind.). I've flipped through waxpoetics before, but this was the first time I really felt compelled to buy it. This is their hip-hop issue, and so far, it's a killer read. I just finished a story on J Rock's Streetwize (peep the "Neighborhood Drug Dealer" vid), and a track-by-track listing of Thes One's wedding mix CD from the man himself. Awesome so far.
  • Also in the photo above, is a copy of the brand new Communication Arts Illustration Annual, which has some inspiring work, in addition to profiles on Illustration Friday's Penelope Dullaghan and the superdope Heads of State. Cop that.
  • I actually finished this joint on Sunday. Right now, I'm listening to an interview with the legendary Rakim (link and transcript here). I'm out. Peace.


Jeope said...

I nabbed that issue of CA for the long weekend; it was nice. Did you recognize the "100 Cars" images made by fellow-SFG'r Josh Cochran? That annual is my fave; it simultaneously pumps me up and brings me down.

Allan L. said...

Yeah, I did see that! I was pretty stoked for him.
That's pretty much the only CA I pick up, and encourages/discourages. The bastards.

TRoyal said...

I haven't bought an issue of CA, HOW, Design Annual...for three years, because it just grated on me that I hadn't produced anything.
Van City? Ha! Do ya thang, yo.