Monday, July 31, 2006

I (heart) America.

The view from 28.
The View From 28.

Say what you will about its foriegn policy n' whatnot, I've got it bad for the U.S.
Well, it's not a deep ocean blue love, really. It's more like a shallow wading pool kind of love.
I love America for its STUFF. It has so much of it.
Here are these folks we share a border with, who are just like us, except they have all this cool shit. It's kinda like when you're a kid, and you're visiting a friend that has the coolest fuckin' bedroom filled with the most boss toys imaginable. The U.S. is like that. It's one cool bedroom.
Sarah and I are heading on down to Minneapolis for 6 days. Initially, it was for the opening of This Side Up, but the opening got pushed to the 12th of August. Yeah, that kinda threw a spanner in the works, but we're gonna have a good time anyway. A visit to the Walker Institute is on the agenda, along with visiting the AA dudes and the Unitus Family Unit. I'm probably gonna eat myself into a coma, too. The plan is, however, to do an about face once I return.
It's time I made this public: I'm hoping to lose 100 pounds by my 32nd birthday.
It is do-able, but it's gonna be hard. It's gotta happen, even if I don't reach my time limit.
At any rate, "mad fun" will be had by both of us. We have many stores to visit and sights to puruse. I can hear P.B. Loco callin' my ass.


Jeope said...

Just don't do a cold turkey thing. I have a buddy who vowed 100 pounds in a calendar year, did 40, and realized after some coaxing that any loss is good loss. I vowed some crazy amount of kilometers on my bike this year and there's no way I can reach it now, but I gotta be happy with any amount because anything is better than zero.

maeengan said...

I can help you out.

You should get a membership at the 'Y' downtown, and we can both lose weight together. I'm already going with my girlfriend, so it's always good to go with a partner for support and stuff.