Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Anatomy of My flickr™ Account

The PhotostreamThis is where everything happens. So far, I'm rockin' 159 pages...and counting. If you want, you can view them slideshow style.

My Sets
This is the section where I gather some of my photos thematically. Some would say I find beauty in the mundane. Others probably find such things dreadfully boring. Perhaps a tad creepy.

My Favorites
If you wanna know about me, this is the place to look. This section represents everything "Al". Corgis, naked women, wrestling, food, cats...it's all there. I recommend a slideshow viewing, f'real. Some of them are only viewable to me, as a few of my contacts have designated a number of their photos (or all of 'em) as "friends/family only". 'Cuz they're dirty.


Jeope said...

Cats? I had no idea.

Allan L. said...

I love 'em!