Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Illustration Friday: Insect

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Bloodsuckin' Bastard's S**t Eatin' Grin, 2006 • graphite, Crayola crayon, Copic marker, Staedtler pigment liner, Higgins ink and Photoshop.

I was inspired by Jeope's take to get going on this one. This IF actually started on the back of a business card while bored at a wedding social this past Saturday. Mosquitos and a Winnipeg summer are synonymous, f'real. What makes me laugh is that I now live in the very heart of Wolseley, the granola-eatin', patchouli-scented part of town* that protests the spraying of Malathion against mosquitos every year. Well...whatery'gonnado?
Large version? Here!

*Jokes, y'all. This neighbourhood rules.

EDIT: Here's a much bloodier version. I feel much better about this one.

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Here's the biggie.


Bigtime said...

Why are you looking at me like that Mr. Mosquito? Oh.. no, STOP! *gurgle* Such an evil grin, good stuff Al.

Bron Smith said...

Nice drawing and colors. It has a bit of the Dr. Seus look to it.

Allan L. said...

Thanks, guys...I just posted a bloodier version.

Roz Foster said...

The bloodier version is definitely best. Splatter doesn't get better than that. Super evil expression!

Jeope said...

Aresome. I like that I see The Grinch in him (technically 'her'). I loathe these things - even in Wolseley. I must give off some sort of mosquito musk or sumthin'.

HARDWAX said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned mosquito to get me in the summer mood, ummmm, drip, drip, soooo red, ummmmm.

Alina Chau said...

fun illo!

philthy said...

... this is great, you're fanning the mosquito flames so I'll swat faster and harder.