Saturday, February 25, 2006

Illustration Friday: Tea and Song

It's a two-fer!

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Inappropriate Sipping Technique No. 3 (Fly Style), 2006 • graphite, Staedtler pigment liner and Photoshop®

This was probably the first thing to come to mind, really. I can hear the sucking...can't you? Check the smugness on his grill, too. The way larger version is here.


Highlighting a Pivotal Moment in a Song via a capella, 2006 •
graphite, Staedtler pigment liner and Photoshop®

I really wanted to do this last week, but it just didn't happen. The photo reference was taken by my boss and editor David Jón Fuller and is of the Ron Halldorson Trio. I think this might serve as reference for a future project. Not sure yet.
Illustrators like Burt Goldblatt, David Stone Martin, Andy Warhol, and Evan Hecox were a big influence on this.
Larger version? Here.


HARDWAX said...

Your tea drinker is LOL, love the expression,super smug, but he sure is enjoying his tea, he has a veeery talented lip.
Lot of emotion is delivered beautifully in this illo,'song' interesting choice of color here-the green, really sharp artwork.

ThomP said...

The Green guitar player is SOO cool. Expressive funky image. Your blog is verrrrry cool.

Vonster said...


Send me an email I'd like to show your work to my illustration class at the college I teach at.



Allan L. said...

Thanks for the props. guys!