Thursday, February 23, 2006

My "directorial debut"

Holy shit!

Consuela: A 90s Man
(Windows Media, y'all)

My old pal Mike Opitz went and digitized this thing I had to do for school (and I use the term "school" lightly. The Winnipeg chapter of the National Institute of Broadcasting was a bunch two-bit shysters. Fuck 'em.). Man, I wish my editing was tighter.
Jeope and I wrote this at Mike's old apartment (where this was shot) for shits n' giggles, and then I decided to do a short film of it as my final project.
It's a little embarrassing...kinda like pictures of you as a kid on the potty.
Still kinda fun, though. That picture of "Albert"...I'd like to think I draw better than that now. It's been 10+ years.
Geez, Mike, thanks for postin' this up! Heh.


Jeope said...

Yeah, that needs some serious editing action. I used that video as part of my IPP for Cre-Comm!

Lord Sethos said...

is that the one where i came and sat in as a prop?

Jeope said...

Yessir. Them's was hazy days. I'd written a sketch comedy script called "Get Out Of That Garbage" - named for the first line spoke in the Kids In The Hall pilot.

Lord Sethos said...

if you kids wanna write something up, i'll be in town julyish ;)

philthy said...

I dig it - reminds me of 50's instructional videos I've been watching at

It's like a long lost brother of beat cinema - love the shitty quality.