Sunday, March 26, 2006

Four Posters!

Been kinda busy.
From top to bottom: Cadence Weapon, the cleaned-up Dirtbombs, Horrorpops, and White Cowbell Oklahoma.

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Jeope said...

I'm thick: what's the Cadence Weapon font?

You have been busy. Kerry's seen the Dirtbombs poster and really likes it, btw.

Allan L. said...

It's Rockwell Extra Bold. Rockwell's becoming one of my favorite serif typefaces.
And tell Kerry "thanks". :)
I really gotta open up that Speedball kit and teach myself screenprinting. I would've loved to have more control over how that and the rest of those posters were printed.

maeengan said...

It's pretty cool to see your stuff up and around.

By the way, my son thinks its pretty cool that you designed the 'Friends of the Library' logo!

Allan L. said...! Thanks!

Mark R said...

I was passing by a board in the exchange and I noticed you three of your posters on the same board. You're truly running this motherf*cker.

Philthy said...

Wicked shizzle Al.
You made a poster for Horrorpops?!

Philthy said...

Holy mackerel... I just realized that's a madball.