Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Bar's Name
Thanks to designer Will Ruocco, I have a name for my (fake) bar: NO HOLDS BAR. Fuckin' brilliant, eh? And it's better than what I had in mind. Do yourself a favour and visit him here. He's, like, really good.

EDIT: I forgot tomention that I'm going back to the old idea. Diversification (in the case of my portfolio) be damned.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Sites of Note
Finally, someone that agrees with me:
This dude's got wicked skill, man:

Monday, November 24, 2003

An outlet...
I need a hobby. Any suggestions? I, like, really need one.
Good Lord...
I'm not sayin' you shouldn't get married to an idea, but you should also know when to get divorced from it.

Having failed RRC's Graphic Design course a couple of times, I've seen a few peers come and go. I've also been able to check out the results of some of their assignments. One thing I've been waiting to tackle is the bar assignment. The basic premise of the whole thing, is to create a visual identity for a fictional bar, with a theme of your choice. Using Adobe Illustrator, you design a logo (or "bar sign"), napkins, bar menu, coasters, and other drinking paraphanelia. Of course, my plan was to do a wrestling-themed bar.

Basically, I've been married to this idea for two years.

Now I have to change.

We were informed by our instructor that it would be a good idea to not do a ______-type of bar, if you already covered ______ in your two-page layout (Publication Design class), basically for the sake of a diverse portfolio. Now I didn't do a wrestling-themed thing in my layout, but I did handle wrestling in my first illustration assignment. I know I'm gonna use half of that assignment (2 out of 4 pieces) in my portfolio, so I'm screwed for a bar idea. Damn!!

I'll figure out something. I gotta.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Did I metion that I should be working on a shitty logo right now? I feel like tearing my fucking eyes out.
A Reminder Is Needed...
Hey! Could somone please tell me why I'm trying to become a designer? I think I knew why at one point, now I don't. Fuck!
Yup, I'm starting to crack. The zen-like veneer I fashioned last year is fading.

Ah...I'll be alright.

As long as I don't sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

New Pillow and Arctic Nubian
I've got the best freakin' girlfriend in the world! She made me a pillow from one of my old flannel shirts, and it's SO comfy. My school napping will never be the same.

Arctic Nubian by Frank Kozik

Arctic Nubian!
I hear your howls of rage
Lost in the trackless North
Far from the sun.

Arctic Nubian!
They , white, red, copper
Can not understand
wrapped in Igloos of plywood.

Arctic Nubian!
Wanderer far from home
Carve a new path
Thru the Kingdom of Snow.

(c) Frank Kozik, 2003.

To find out what this is all about, go here.
Buy Frank's toys here.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Yang and Sakoda
I broke my WWE television boycott momentarily last night to catch the debut of Jimmy Yang and Keiji Sakoda as a tag team. Good stuff. I also had the displeasure of hearing(I was checkin' myself out in the bathroom mirror...shut up)Vince McMahon describe a nightmare in vivid detail, in where he's being devoured by maggots. Quite poetic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Random Stuff
(Comin' atcha LIVE from RRC's Princess Campus Library)

- Hey there. Supposed to be working on a logo. But I'm not. So there. Nyaah!

- Added Site Meter to the weblog, so I can see if anyone's visiting. Ah, vanity.

- I'm tired. And just a little bit nauseous. Anxiety.

- Called Unicity Taxi last night to pick me up from here (stayed until 1:30). The driver passed me twice. Dude must've been new. Plus, the dispatch person wasn't even aware of the new campus, which struck me as odd. Well...they know where it is now. I hope.

- We're doing a mural assignment that nobody I know of likes. At all. Probably because a student in Creative Communications is behind it. Whatever.

- I'm done...for now.

R.I.P. Art Carney

Saturday, November 08, 2003

One year later, I'm still not taking my medication properly. Here's my first real post. Ah...memories. Later y'all.

R.I.P. Mike Lockwood aka Crash Holly

Saturday, November 01, 2003

John Smith's "Kinship of the Down and Out"
I've been waiting about over two months to see this, and it's been worth the wait. On August 16th, I took part in the video shoot for "The Kinship of the Down and Out", the first single off of John Smith's forthcoming album Pinky's Laundromat. Here's what I wrote about it then at the Break Bread board:

"It was good fun. General Gyst, my man Kim(from the Turnbull A.C.'s) and another dude(sorry, my mind is failing)showed up with custom made street sign shirts(Furby Manitoba Ave, and something else...I forgot). Dave Dub-L represented with the low-rider bike and Urban Bakery shirt. Other folks that appeared(off the top of my head):
@Large, Kinetic, Dialog, Brace, Yy(and family!), Ness(and his ladyfriend I spelling that right? Thanks for the ride home!), Kutdown, Gumshoe Strut, John Smith's brother Murray, Andre from, little ol' me, Meera Singh, Bonafide, DJ Influence, Jon Schledewitz, John Smith(of course), Hunnicutt(ditto)...and many others I either forgot or didn't know names. There were many Selkirk Ave. residents around, too. Lots of kids. I can't wait to see this thing!

The track, by the way, is killer. And apparently, what we heard is just a demo. It's gonna sound BETTER."

And it does. It's all about the North End of Winnipeg...the rough n' tumble side of town. Thanks to hip-hop music, we know about the corners of town you don't wanna mess with. And now, thanks to this single, Big Smitty's puttin' it down for Peg City, y'heard?

Here it is. You'd better have Windows Media shit. You don't? Cop that shit, fool!

Did I mention I'm in it? Look for the fat black dude in the red Brassy shirt. Can't miss me.