Monday, November 24, 2003

Good Lord...
I'm not sayin' you shouldn't get married to an idea, but you should also know when to get divorced from it.

Having failed RRC's Graphic Design course a couple of times, I've seen a few peers come and go. I've also been able to check out the results of some of their assignments. One thing I've been waiting to tackle is the bar assignment. The basic premise of the whole thing, is to create a visual identity for a fictional bar, with a theme of your choice. Using Adobe Illustrator, you design a logo (or "bar sign"), napkins, bar menu, coasters, and other drinking paraphanelia. Of course, my plan was to do a wrestling-themed bar.

Basically, I've been married to this idea for two years.

Now I have to change.

We were informed by our instructor that it would be a good idea to not do a ______-type of bar, if you already covered ______ in your two-page layout (Publication Design class), basically for the sake of a diverse portfolio. Now I didn't do a wrestling-themed thing in my layout, but I did handle wrestling in my first illustration assignment. I know I'm gonna use half of that assignment (2 out of 4 pieces) in my portfolio, so I'm screwed for a bar idea. Damn!!

I'll figure out something. I gotta.

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