Friday, May 20, 2011

So, the Jets are back.

Maybe. It's not official yet. Right now, the faithful are at Portage and Main, having a good ol' time and diverting buses. Apparently, an announcement may be made on Tuesday.
If the Thrashers relocate to Peg City, cool. I can't get mad at NHL hockey. I'm just tired of my fellow denizens getting jerked around. Well, my fingers are crossed.

The other question on people's minds should be: what are they gonna name 'em? Will the Jets monicker be slapped on 'em? Or will they still be the Thrashers? Also: will we see a brand new logo emerge, and will it get reviewed by Armin Vit?

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TRoyal said...

The Thrashers ain't showing up. I'd LOVE for Peg City to get a team, and the NHL needs to stop with the Atlanta experiment (hellooooo Calgary!), but Bettmann won't let that happen without some bullshit.

Allan Lorde said...

Yeah, man...I don't know what to think anymore. The faithful are on pins and needles, but it may be all for naught. Bettman seems to have a hate-on for this city.

Jeope said...

Ladies and gentlemen... here come... your... Winnipeg Burton Cummings-es!!!

Allan Lorde said...

You've just inspired me to post something!