Sunday, December 26, 2010


Centre Court
Boxing Day: Polo Park's Centre Court, 2006.

The day I look forward to all year! My plan so far: Advance Electronics at 7 a.m., Comics America at 9 a.m.
Why Advance? I want a turntable! It's been too long. We'll see if I get one.
Comics America? The usual. From my brief look at the flier in their window tonight, it's 40% off of everything this year. Can't front on that.
Before you say anything, I'm aware of my boycott earlier this year. I've backpedaled, somewhat. I wasn't entirely committed to it when I posted it. I've shopped there, but not as much as I could have. My money has gone to Amazon and McNally whenever possible. The fact remains though, that they carry everything. And to their credit, they've reduced the amount of dust-gathering toys and added better shelving in one section, thereby (hopefully) reducing the amount of wreckage from all the usual piles of bullshit.
With all of that said, today should be fun. If I still have some energy and cash, I think I'll hit up McNally with my gift card. There are wayward art books and magazines that need a home.


Penny Lane said...

so I am dying to know.. did you get the turntable???

Allan Lorde said...

Unfortunately, no. Advance didn't have any USB ones left. Might check London Drugs later today.

Penny Lane said...

oh well.. c'est la vie.. best to wait out for what you want than to settle! I can't wait for both our old ones to hit the dust so I can get a new one! :)