Sunday, January 04, 2009

John Smith's "30 @ 30"

Smitty picks a tune.
Smitty picking a tune for karaoke at Hooligan's on the 29th.

My homie Joe (aka John Smith) turned 30 a few days ago, and he made this here list. With his permission, I'm sharing it with you (just as he typed it, plus some type formatting), as I think it's too good for just the Facebook and Break Bread Board universes. This is some clear – and a little bit humorous at times – thinking. I wish I had my head together like this 3.95 years ago.

Hey yall.
  1. Thanks for the Xmas/Berfday/Season's greetings.
  2. Getting older does not necessarily mean getting wiser.
  3. My New Year's resolution is to become a gladiator.
  4. mcenroe is in town and we are recording a new album.
  5. mcenroe is in town and we're playing at the Lo Pub on Saturday, January 3rd.
  6. I did not make enough rap this last year. I think you all know why.
  7. No girlfriends in 2009. Only wives.
  8. I will be touring with Hunnicutt and Co-Op in February, if you out west, fuck with us.
  9. This album with Murdock, Its True Because It Rhymes, will be out soon, I promise.
  10. If you didn't listen to The Roots, Rising Down, then you missed out. Same goes for the Killer Mike and Roddy Bailey records.
  11. I stays loyal to TUB and my homie Kevin. Why wouldn't I?
  12. PNC STILL makes records.
  13. Break Bread is STILL the crew. DFA.*
  14. Recently I figured out that you can't change people. No matter how hard you try. Ever.
  15. Take number 14 and remember it when you hanging out with me.
  16. I love my mother more than any person in the world. I hope you feel the same way about yours. People who don't are usually awful.
  17. If your moms is a terrible person or you didn't know her, sorry for numero 16. That was a broad generalization.
  18. BROAD generalization. Puns rule.
  19. This one's for the ladies. Stop letting the gay dudes who run "fashion" tell you you're supposed to be skinny like pubescent boys. You are beautiful. And if you live in Winipeg its practical for you to have a likkle warmth on you.
  20. Also for the ladies. Put a likkle warmth on me. I'm cold.
  21. Again, for the ladies, do you wanna listen to the Isley Brothers while we warm up?
  22. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. The word Discipline, on my wrist. Yay or nay? I'ma let yall decide.
  23. I made new, real friends in 2008. That rarely happens. I love you guys. The old ones, too.
  24. Me, Pip, and Skratch Bastid are gonna make a new record this year. Guess what? its gonna be about beer and being poor. Again.
  25. Beer and being poor made me the man I am today. And I'm thankful all the time for not growing up to be a sniveling, bitchmade, softbatch dependent.
  26. Except when the rent's late and and I'm buying two double cheeseburgers from Rotten Ronnie.
  27. One for now. One for later.
  28. Apologizing is the closest thing to divinity. If I have ever wronged or slighted you holler. You'll get yours.
  29. Every night at 11:11 I wish for the same things: fame, fortune, a long life, and love. Unless i'm wildin. Then just love.
  30. I have become the best man I can be. Now I have to work on being a better person.

Word 'em up.

* Don't Fuck Around.

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