Monday, February 12, 2007

The Double Bacon Genius Burger: Smithtape Vol. 2

The Double Bacon Genius Burger!: Smithtape Vol. 2

A one night job for my man, emcee John Smith. The hand-lettered treatment is partially inspired by Haze's work on the Beasties' Check Your Head (those liner notes blew my mind back then). As I write this, Smitty is on tour with Co-op and Hunnicutt, and he should have these with him.
Photo by Kevin Trotsky, logo/mask designed by me (based on a quick sketch by Smitty himself).


fedora said...

Is nice yes.
I like.
Handdrawn type, baby?
good look.

Allan L. said...

Yup, all by hand. Glad you like!