Friday, February 23, 2007

Al and Sarah's Wedding Social!

Al & Sarah's Wedding Social!
(click poster to access a larger version)
I totally stressed for weeks about making this, and I just finally sat down and did it.
At any rate, if you've got nothing to do that night and you're lookin' to shake your ass, this is the place to do it. For info on getting tickets, reach us here or drop us a line at alandsarah [at] Yup.

EDIT: You can now get 'em at URBAN BAKERY (
398 Portage Avenue)!

(and for the record, I'm still writing stuff. This is staying on top until the day of the social.)


tim said...

dope poster. do I really look like that in real life? woah.


andrea said...

awesome poster!!!!

haha yes tim, you ALWAYS look like that.
haha..that made me laugh.

im going to try come to this.
but i wont make any promises yet.


Allan L. said...

Awesome! Thanks, Andrea! If you can, that'd be really cool.
And yes, you do look like that, dude. :)
That pic is from the Slo Coach showcase, and I think you were a tad under the weather.

Jay Wilson said...

NICE poster. Good eye.

Allan L. said...

Thanks, man!