Friday, July 22, 2005

We Be Fringin'

This is a long-ass montage.

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Y'all know me...I love the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Sarah and I often say it, but it's true: the Fringe is Christmas to us. So far, we're three plays deep, and it's only day two. Tomorrow, we've got 3 on deck, plus my man Steve St. Louis' wedding social at the Barca Club, plus I have to work the next fuckin' morning at 7:30. I'll follow that with a healthy nap and MORE SHOWS. Why do we do it?

For the love, bitch!


Anonymous said...

i thought you was chillin' on the cussin'

Still Silent

Allan L. said...

Couldn't hold back, man. The love flows outta me.

Anonymous said...

Antoine Feval was great. I'm not going to see many shows this year, but that one was brilliant.

- Robot Hero